Sunday 20 March 2016


Every step she took
It was fear

For what if she woke up
To hear that he had killed himself
While she lay dreaming her silly dreams

Every breath she breathed
It was fear

For what if she woke up
To find her roommate
Unexpectedly dead

Every corner she turned
It was fear

For what if she woke up
To learn that
They had all just dropped dead

Every step she took
Every breath she breathed
Every corner she turned

It was death.

Friday 4 March 2016

She searched and searched

She searched and searched for it everywhere
Deep into the woods
She walked
But it wasn't there

She searched and searched for it everywhere
Through the hot summers
Through the cold winters
But it wasn't there

She searched and searched for it everywhere
"Have you seen love?"
She asked the strangers
But it wasn't there

She searched and searched for it everywhere
In the garden she looked
And found something alike in there
It was feeding the ducks; her temporary happiness

For love lay in only her heart

Saturday 6 February 2016

A Glance

On a sunny Friday morning
They stole glances, at a library
They held the other's favorite author
But spoke not a word
And walked home silently
"Perfect" is all they thought

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon
They met again, at the library
They liked the same books
And the same movies
They exchanged numbers
And walked home with a smile

On a stormy Monday evening
They fought
As opinions clashed
They went home sobbing
And that was that
They were just as different
As they were similar

Sunday 10 January 2016

What happens in the night

He had watched the house for days
And, this was his chance
In the silence of the night
He leaped over the gate and crept through the garden
Not seeing her yet

In a building nearby
She sat at the window
Her long hair let loose
With coffee in her hands
Deep in a thought

She heard a noise
And turned to see
There he was, walking through the garden
And that is how the robber was caught by an insomniac

Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Fairy Day

I open my eyes and one of my friends is up-close to my face screaming, "It's 25th December, it's Fairy Day!" I snap out of my sleep and jump with joy. We all know it is actually Christmas but for us it is Fairy Day.

I look around and everyone is excitedly getting ready. I too, get ready and then we all go and have our breakfast. They give us the same thing as they always do. But, today is actually tastes good.

Once we are done with our breakfast, we all go outside and wait for the fairies to arrive. We wait and we wait and we wait and then there they are! They come in a big bus and as they get down we all gasp, their hair glistens in the sunlight and their dresses are just to dream of.

As they are getting down they are laughing and and smiling at each other, which makes them even more beautiful. As they see us they greet us and give us boxes filled with toys and clothes. Then, they stand before us and sing carols; their voices like a nightingales.

Tuesday 22 December 2015

An Embrace

Alone she lay
When it creeped in
Embraced her
Consumed her entirely
And she said nothing...
The darkness was her friend.

Friday 20 November 2015

My First Day at School

I was scared. I was surrounded by people, I felt like I was lost. Mom had lied; school did not seem like fun.
After mom took me to my classroom, she said she would wait outside. But I was still scared. I did not know anyone; other kids were talking to each other and making friends. But, I was scared to move.
Then, a lady came in and said her name was Tr. Lily. She made us tell our names too, I listened to everyone carefully. When it was my turn I felt like jumping under the desk.
“Aarav.” My mind said
“Yes? What’s your name?” Tr. Lily asked.
“Aarav.” My mind said again.
She kept asking and my mind kept replying.
Then, Tr. Lily taught us nursery rhymes; “Humpty, dumpty sat on a wall. Repeat students.”
“Humpty, dumpty sat on a wall.” My mind said.
Then, she read us a story, which I enjoyed.  
Then, it was time to go home. I walked out of the classroom, saw mom and started to cry.